Tour code : GZ-01


AuHe - Cliff walk, Base Jump, Caving & Drift Exploration Trip

凹河 : 岩壁漫遊, 跳傘&欣賞跳傘表演, 探洞 & 漂流


customized 5 - 7 days package tour

Min. 6 to go



1. Cliff Walk(SRT – Single Rope Technique) 岩壁漫遊(運用單繩上升下降技術)

Learn using SRT to walk along 380 metres cliff and enjoy stunning view of AuHe from a new angle.

2. BASE JUMP     跳傘及欣賞跳傘表演

The cliff of AuHe provides several perfect natural platforms for BASE jump, you can also enjoy BASE jump performance in the neighbor cliff tops.

3.  探洞   Caving

Caving expedition with full caving gears. We customize the caving route and difficulties accounding to customers' need and ability.

Tour code : GZ-02


PingTang - Paragliding, Caving & Glacial Pothole Trip

平塘 : 滑翔傘, 探洞, 徒步冰臼


customized 5 - 7 days package tour

Min. 6 to go


Pingtang County is located in the middle part of Guizhou’s southern margin, where Karst landform has been completely developed, terrain rises and falls, height above sea level 402 to 1487, it belongs to subtropical monsoon climate zone, without cold in winter and heat in summer, and the mean annual temperature is 17’c.



1. Paragliding   滑翔傘

Ping Tang basin is surrounded by mountain ranges and has 5,000 hectares field in the middle, it provides an ideal natural take off and landing places for paragliding, if you come around March and April, you can smell the blossom muster flower in the air.

2. Caving  探洞  

Caving expedition with full caving gears. We customize the caving route and difficulties accounding to customers' need and ability.


3.  Glacial Pothole   徒步冰臼

Tour code : GZ-03


Guizhou Miao & Dong Ethnic Minorities

Qiándōngnán Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture



customized 5 - 15 days package tour

Min. 12 to go



Southeast Guizhou (Qiandongnan黔东南) Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture is located in the southeast of Guizhou Province. It is a highly mountainous region with altitude ranging from 600m at Kaili (凱里), capital of the prefecture, to around 2,000m. The highest mountain is Mt. Lei Gong (雷公山) at 2,178m.


It is home to 38 minority groups, with Miao (41%) and Dong (31%) being by far the largest. It is named by the United Nations as an important natural and cultural area and is known rather poetically as "the last ballad of humankind and the homeland for exhausted souls". Despite tough conditions for transportation, Southeast Guizhou is definitely an ideal area to experience the spectacularly distinctive folk customs and minority life amongst the picturesque limestone hills.


You can :

  • explore the untouched primitive villages of Miao or Dong minorities, experience their unique customs, local dishes, unique architecture in typical ethnic minority style
  • hike in dense mountain and touch the pure beauty of nature
  • take fascinating pictures of colorful terraces

We offer :

  • customized private family & group vacation
  • English-guide, local guide who can speak minority dialects


1. Wanzhai Village 晚寨 

The township of Dong lute songs (侗族琵琶歌之乡)

2. Shou Dong  壽洞 十里百瀑  

breathe the pure fresh air in the dense mountain and try the crystal clean water in 108 waterfalls where each waterfall’s distance ranging from 2m to 40m.

3. 72 Dong Village本里七十二侗寨  

it has 900 household and 4,000 people, it is an old Dong village hidden deep in dense mountains, and its villagers live in their old houses made of timber, wear their traditional clothes and still practice their time-honored traditions. You will explore the village’s ancient wooden architecture - Diaojiao buildings 吊腳樓 (wood houses propped up by wooden supports with ladders leading up).

4. Xiao Dan Jiang Miao Village 小丹江苗寨  

Miao family, Miao cousin, Miao ceremonial dress

5. Lei Gong Shan 雷公山  

Mountain of the Thunder God, which is National Nature Reserve and National Forest Park. The gorgeous mountain also boasts vast areas of original forest and ever-changing natural landscape of high scientific.




Package Details -


Tour Package Includes:

  • Tour Guide: a local experienced English-speaking guide
  • Hostel & Hotel: all commodations are listed in cities and villages.
  • Admissions: Entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary
  • Vehicle: a private air-conditioned car, offering Round-trip transfers
  • Car Driver: an experienced licensed driver;
  • Water & Tissues: free purified water and tissues offered per day
  • Luggage Transfers: a hand for your heavy luggage;
  • Tip for tour guilds and drivers
  • Government taxes & Service charges

Tour Package Excludes:

- Other optional tours / meals / flights not mentioned in itinerary;




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