Beyond Extreme 

This video record all the extreme sports we did in the last 3 years, people come from all over the world, they came to China for BASE Jumping, paragliding, caving and even rescue. Hope you enjoy it and welcome to Guizhou to experience all kinds of extreme sports and discover this beautiful yet mysteries world! You are not alone dude!! 

Say it loud...'I'm dare to fly!!' 

“Dare to fly!” 

Some one says, 'My dream is flying freely like a bird.' It seems an unreachable dream, but it's not! You can experience flying and have bird-eye view to see the beautiful natural landscape by tandem paragliding, for more information, please contact :

Extreme Sports in Guizhou        貴州, 極限運動的天堂

This video is about Russian extreme sports guys BASE Jump and Rope Jump in Guizhou.   紀錄一班俄羅斯年青人來貴州進行繩跳及低空跳傘的視頻. 

Canyoning in Guizhou, China   貴州滴水灘瀑布穿越

The canyoning is not too far from Huangguoshu Waterfall, the famous waterfall sight in Anshun, west of Guizhou, China. The canyon is composed with 3 main waterfalls and dozens small waterfalls, total height is around 420m and the distance is around 4.2km.

Rescue Training in China 中國高山及洞穴救援訓練 

this video documented our Club organised high mountain & caving rescue trainings for outdoor lovers, volunteers, rescue army, and medical staff. We also invited caving & rescue experts from France to give the trainings and share the rescue experiences.

Dong ethnic kids play PiPa songs 

It was our great pleasure to record the Dong ethnic kids singing traditional Dong song and playing their traditional instrument - PiPa. The kids learn and inherit the songs and culture only by word of mouth.

Ethnic Miao Church Choir in Guizhou


Festival of Bamboo King 

The Festival of Bamboo King holds every 12th February of Lunar Chinese Year 

It has become provincial non-material cultural heritage protection since 2007.

The Festival of Bamboo King holds in Zhenning (鎮寧), Miao and Buyi ethnic groups from various villages come to participate in the activities.They are wearing colorful festival dress, We can identify miao by dress, dialect, location, and other customs, 

they have Long Skirt Miao, Short Skirt Miao, Black Miao, Flowery Miao and Long Horned Miao. By location there are River Miao and Mountain Miao. In common, women wear gorgeous and complex silver jewelry, young ladies adorn silver horned coronal on their heads, you could hear their silver ornaments twinkling when they dance.

After enjoying the wonderful performances, you may be invited to their homes by the local people to have deeper exploration of the authentic ethnic cultures.

Flying in Pokhara 

This is a video recording our flying trip to Pokhara, Nepal on 2014. We flew in the Sarangkok, and we tried the new ZipLine, it was really wonderful!

Paragliding SIV course in Pokhara, Nepal 2013 

飛行SIV班, 博卡拉, 尼泊爾   2013

Just Fly, don't dream!  我沒有夢想, 我只想飛! 


An TV interview with Li Ming Song paragliding in Ma On Shan, HK

電視台專訪李明松8月中到香港馬鞍山飛滑翔傘 @ 直播貴陽 

Rescue Training in China《救援训练》

Rescue Mission in Yunnan, March 2012   雲南救援行動, 2012年3月

Flying in Europe  歐洲飛行    Annecy & Grenoble @ France ; Interlaken @ Switzerland

2011年9月南法玩Via Ferrata & Canyoning

Russian B.A.S.E. Jump Tour in Guizhou, China   Feb-Mar 2012


Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Tuen Mun Integrated Services Centre - Cultural Exchange Tour in Yunnan, 15-22, Aug, 2011

東華三院屯門綜合服務中心雲南少數民族考察團 2011年8月15-22日

Sino-France Caving Federation Caving Training in Guizhou, China 2011

中法洞穴聯盟洞穴測量訓練班, 貴州 2011

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Qiándōngnán Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou, China  Feb 2011

2011年2月春節 貴州 黔東南苗族侗族自治州

2012年4月15日云南 景谷滑翔伞飞行活动

 探洞 2011年2月香港朋友到贵州游玩

  2011年2月10日 贵州关岭大桥跳伞 滑翔伞飞行活动

滑翔伞 动力伞 三角翼

探洞 2010年11月广西凤山

滑翔伞 2010年11月6日关领 24拐飞行


 滑翔伞 2010年10月 湖南 幕阜山

 滑翔伞 2010年11月福建 泰宁

滑翔伞 贵定阳宝山飞行

 滑翔伞 2010年12月香港台湾飞行活动



 探洞 2010年4月24日罗甸洞穴找水

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